American Pomological Society

Annual Business Meeting and Awards Presentation
Toronto, Canada
August 15, 2002

Minutes with Photos


1. Call to Order - President Rom called the meeting to order at 8:00 pm. For the edification of our visitors he shared a brief history of the APS.

2. Review the agenda - President Rom presented the meeting agenda. Under new business, an item was added for a presentation by Dick Okie from the fruit breeders working group of ASHS recognizing two outstanding cultivars. The agenda was approved by consent.

3. Minutes of the 2001 Annual Meeting - reading of the minutes was dispensed with following acclamation of the group. C. Rom noted that in 2001 minutes of the Annual Business meeting there was no mention of the increased dues for the Journal. This omission to the 2001 minutes will be corrected by the Secretary.

4. Consent Agenda

The following reports were given and accepted by the Executive Board of the APS at its annual meeting, Monday, 12-August, 2002: Officer Reports (President, Vice Presidents, Secretary), Executive Board Members (Resident Agent, Board Members), Editor of the J. APS; standing committees (Wilder Medal, Shepard Award, U.P. Hedrick Award); Executive Board Business: Appointment of MA Resident Agent, Honoraria for Secretary, Business Manager, and Editor. - the consent agenda was presented by President Rom and was approved.

5. Reports (all accepted by the Executive Board)

A. Treasurer and Business Manager’s Report - Rob Crassweller presented this report. The report was am ended to note that the FY2002 support for the ISHS symposium organized by Dr. Jules Janick should have been recorded as a $1500 contribution instead of $1000 as noted on the report.

B. Nominations Committee - David Hunter presented this committee report. A request was made by President Rom for any nominations from the floor. None were received.

C. Editorial Committee - President Rom presented this report on behalf of Wes Autio who was unable to attend the Business meeting. President Rom expressed his sincere thanks to Dave Ferree and his wife, Sandy, for their efforts in editing the Journal for many years. He indicated that a new editor contract had been drawn up and approved by the Board and that John Barden will begin his ten ure as the new editor, Jan. 1, 2003.

D. Ad hoc committee on Programs for 2003 meeting, Providence, RI - Essie Fallahi presented a report of his committee that recommended two speakers for the 2003 Annual Business Meeting of APS. These were Drs. Duane Greene (U. Mass.) and John Smagula (U. Maine) who would address the topics of a historical overview American fruit production and lowbush blueberry and cranberry production in the northeast, respectively. He noted that APS would sponsor a workshop for the 2003 ASHS meeting that wou ld deal with topics concerning the changing fruit industry, value added niche marketing, etc. It was agreed that the 2nd Vice-President would chair the ad hoc program committee for the 2003 meeting.

6. Old Business

There is no old business to carry forward.

7. New Business

A. Outstanding Fruit Cultivar Awards - Dick Okie represented the ASHS Fruit Breeders Working Group to make these presentations. The following awards were presented:
  1. 'Camarosa' strawberry (Voth, Bringhurst, and Shaw) - Dale Kester received the award on behalf of the winners.
  2. 'Prima' apple (Williams and Dayton) - Jules Janick received this award on behalf of the winners.

B. Election of Officers, Executive Board Member, Advisory Committee Members - The slate of candidates was reviewed by David Hunter and approved by acclamation.

8. Announcements and Other Business

A. Special Report from Dr. John Hartung, USDA, Beltsville - John Hartung gave an update on activities at the Plant Germplasm Quarantine Office (PGQO) in Beltsville, MD. He indicated the many new staff and facilities present and improved efficiencies of the organization while lamenting problems associated with acquiring the new building and facilities that are long overdue.

B. Recognition of Past and Current Officers and Board Members - President Rom recognized all past officers and board members of the society.

9. Adjourn to Awards Presentation and Program - (Below) describing the awards, recipients and educational program that were presented after the business meeting was adjourned.

American Pomological Society
Organized 1848

Awards Presentation
Thursday, 15-August, 2002 - 8:00 pm
British Columbia Room, Fairmont Royal York Hotel,
100 Front Street West
, Canada

 Wilder Medal ---------- presented by D. Layne

Dr. Maxine Thompson
Professor Emeritus, Oregon State University

Shephard Award ---------- presented by K. Hummer

D.C Percival., J.T.A. Proctor, and J.A. Sullivan
Cultivar differences in carbon assimilation and partitioning of primocane fruiting raspberry. J. Amer. Pom. Soc. 55(2):82-89.

U.P. Hedrick Award ---------- presented by J. Proctor

Drucie Janes and David Percival.
"Trends in Lowbush Blueberry Cultivar Development"

Special Recognition of Drs. J. Janick and J.N. Moore ---------- presented by C. Rom, R. Crassweller

This recognition was for their donation of royalties to APS from their "Advances in Fruit Breeding" book sales.

Special Recognition of Dr. D.C. Ferree, and Mrs. S. Ferree ---------- presented by C. Rom, W. Autio

This recognition was for their many years of service in editing the society's journal.

Other Recognitions ----------presented by C. R. Rom

President Rom recognized current officers with a thank you gift for their service.


"New Horizons for Prunus Germplasm in Northern Latitudes"

Dr. Robert Anderson

Professor, Cornell University and the New York Agriculture Experiment Station