American Pomological Society
Organized 1848


Austin, Texas
7:30 - 9:00 pm July 19, 2004


Old Business:

1. Call to Order and Presidential Comments - meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by President Essie Fallahi. Essie welcomed everyone to the meeting. He commended Ed Stover and Kim Hummer for the excellent workshop they organized on behalf of APS for the 2004 Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. meeting. The workshop was #17 "Trends and Fashions in Fruit Cultivar Development" and it was held from 3:00-4:40 pm on Monday, July 19. There were 70 people in attendance. Speakers included Drs. Ed Stover, John Clark, David Byrne and Mr. Matt Harsh who spoke on citrus, blackberry, prunus and marketing, respectively. Essie encouraged APS to pursue future workshops to coincide with the annual Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. meeting. He noted that ASHS regards APS as an allied organization and that we are entitled to have a workshop each year. We are not subject to the same time restrictions of an ASHS Working Group.

2. Secretary Report - Des Layne submitted the minutes for the 2003 Executive Board and Advisory Committee Meeting. Minutes were reviewed and accepted.

3. Treasurer/Business Manager's Report - Rob Crassweller was unable to attend the meeting but submitted a calendar year report for the period of Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 2003. He also included a copy of the Financial Statements and Auditor's report of Dec. 31, 2003. In his report, Rob indicated that APS had a negative cash flow in 2003. With Dr. John Barden taking over editing the journal and moving the printing to Blacksburg, substantial savings in journal production costs should be realized. The latter change should substantially improve society cash flow in 2004. All reports were circulated to executive board and advisory committee members and copies are on file in the secretary's office if any questions arise. The report was reviewed and accepted.

4. Editorial Committee Report - Wes Autio announced that the transition of editorship from Dave Ferree to John Barden effective Jan. 1, 2003 was successful. He noted that a set of instructions to authors for the Journal of the Amer. Pom. Sci. has been prepared.

5. Editor's Report - John Barden indicated that more papers are needed and that he is looking for additional cover stories. He said that the new printer is more convenient for him being close to his home and that they have much more modern capability. Tables will no longer need to be retyped and overall cost per issue should decrease.

6. Hedrick Award Committee Report - Des Layne presented the 2004 U.P. Hedrick Award for a manuscript by E.T. Stafne and J.R. Clark at the Univ. of Arkansas, Dept. of Horticulture. The title of the paper was, "A retrospective of blackberry breeding and production in Arkansas". A plaque and a check for $300 were presented to Mr. Stafne. Members of the 2004 committee were P. Hirst, J. Luby, M. Pritts, E. Fallahi and D. Layne. A new chair of the committee needs to be appointed for 2005.

7. Shepherd Award Committee Report - Essie Fallahi reported on behalf of Kim Hummer (committee chair) who was unable to be present at the meeting. Essie reported that the winner of the 2004 Shepard Award was M.K. Ehlenfeldt for his paper entitled "Investigations of metaxenia in northern high bush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) cultivars" published in J. Amer. Pom. Sci. 57(1):26-31. A certificate was prepared by Hummer and it has been sent to Dr. Ehlenfeldt by mail since he was unable to attend the award presentation. Members of this committee included K. Hummer, J. Hancock, S. Brown and P. Lyrene.

8. Wilder Silver Medal Award Committee Report - Des Layne presented the 2004 award to Dr. H. Quamme, Agriculture and Agrifood Canada, Summerland, B.C. Layne shared a biographical sketch and award write-up that will appear with a photo in an upcoming issue of J. Amer. Pom. Sci. Layne indicated that Dr. Quamme was unable to attend the meeting but he shared prepared comments from Dr. Quamme and made the presentation to Dr. Quamme in absentia. The medal was posted to Dr. Quamme. Committee members included K. Pomper, L. Cheng, K. Taylor, E. Fallahi, D. Percival, D. Archbold, M. Pritts and P. Hirst. The committee voted to hold over the other nomination that was received in 2004 for consideration in 2005. 

9. Nomination Committee - Duane Greene replaced Frank Kappel as chair of this committee. He proposed the following slate of candidates:

Executive Board:

1. President: Kim Hummer (USDA-Corvallis, OR)
2. 1st Vice President: Ed Stover (Univ. of FL, soon USDA-Davis, CA)
3. 2nd Vice President: Des Layne (Clemson Univ., SC)
4. Treasurer: Rob Crassweller (Penn State Univ., PA)
5. Secretary: Kirk Pomper (KY State Univ., KY)
6. Brent Black (USDA, Beltsville, MD)

Advisory Committee:

1. Patrick Conner (Univ. of Georgia)
2. Jim McFerson (WTFRC, WA)
3. Wes Autio (Univ. of Mass.)
4. Greg Reighard (Clemson Univ., SC)
5. David Himelrick (LSU, LA)

The slate of candidates for 2005 was approved by a unanimous vote.

New Business

1. Ideas for APS Workshop AND Business meeting speakers for 2005 APS meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada - Because the 2005 meeting will be in Las Vegas, it was decided to change the timing of our activities from evening to daytime. It was suggested that we host a 2-3 hour workshop as part of the ASHS Conference. Immediately after the workshop we would have our Annual Business Meeting and award presentations followed by a fruit tasting. The goal would be to end the entire afternoon at 5 pm. Dr. Stover proposed a working title for the workshop of "Fruits of Biblical Proportion". He suggested such fruits as olive, fig, date, pomegranate, pistachio, etc. as the focus of the workshop and indicated that he would bring samples of some of these fruits for tasting at the workshop conclusion. It was suggested that the APS Advisory Committee function as an ad hoc program committee to assist the 1st (Stover) and 2nd (Layne) Vice Presidents in developing the program. One consensus idea based on the proposed change of timing and format of our meeting was to basically "block" an afternoon for APS and use a fun, interesting fruit theme to entice more people to learn about fruit and to possibly consider membership in APS as they learn about our activities. Ed Stover proposed that we should try to publish our workshop proceedings in HortTechnology.

2. Membership Issues - A motion was made by Jules Janick (seconded by Ed Stover) to ask Rob Crassweller to give an accounting of the membership trend over the last ten years. This motion was approved. By record of the minutes, the Secretary is conveying this message to the Business Manager to report on membership trends over the last decade at the next APS meeting in 2005 in Las Vegas.

3. Award to Outgoing President - On behalf of Kim Hummer and the entire society, Ed Stover presented Essie Fallahi with an apple statuette inscribed In recognition of his many contributions to APS and his exemplary service as president over the past year.

4. APS Educational Program and Tasting - Fallahi introduced speakers for the educational program following the APS Business Meeting: 1. Dr. John Clark (Univ. of Arkansas) presented a talk entitled, "Arkansas Fruit Breeding: The Legacy of Jim Moore Continues"; and 2. Dr. L.J. Grauke (USDA - Somerville, TX) presented a talk entitled, "Microsatellites in Pecan Breeding and Genetics Research". After Dr. Grauke's talk, Drs. Grauke, Benton Storey and Dave Byrne from Texas hosted us to a pecan, peach and fig tasting session. 

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Desmond R. Layne
Secretary, American Pomological Society