History of the Hedrick Awards

The Hedrick Awards were established by the American Pomological Society in 1982 “ to encourage promising and gifted students to specialize in the field of pomology.”

The awards are named for Ulysses Prentiss Hedrick (1870 – 1951) a distinguished horticulturist, and a prolific writer. His books include “Grapes of New York” (1908) and “Peaches of New York” (1917). Hedrick received the Wilder Medal from the American Pomological Society in 1929 for his work in plant breeding.

The first announcement of the Hedrick Awards competition appeared in Fruit Varieties Journal 37 (2):59, 1983.  The distinguished pomologist, Norman F. Childers, provided leadership in establishing the awards and served as the first Chair of the Hedrick Awards Committee. Robert C. Lamb recorded the initiation of the Hedrick Awards in Fruit Varieties Journal 37 (4):86-87, 1983.

Research and review manuscripts of about 1000 words on any aspect of fruit cultivars, rootstocks and cultural techniques are invited. Manuscripts on fruit breeding, cultivar development and performance, are encouraged. The recipients of Hedrick Awards receive a cash award and a mounted certificate. The associated manuscripts are published in the Journal of the American Pomological Society.

Submissions are due in May, 2024 to Dr. Essie Fallahi.

Chairs of the Hedrick Awards Committee

  • Norman F. Childers, 1983- 1994
  • John T. A. Proctor, 1995-2003
  • David Hunter, 2004
  • Essie Fallahi, 2005-present

U.P. Hedrick Award Recipients