The American Pomological Society has the great pleasure in awarding four honors each year.

Chad Finn Ambassador Award

The Chad Finn Ambassador Award is conferred on individuals who have made significant contributions to pomology, especially in outreach and service.

Wilder Award

This award goes to an individual or organization in which they have made significant contributions and outstanding service to horticulture in the area of pomology (fruit production, culture and breeding).

U.P. Hedrick Award

The U.P. Hedrick award is named for Ulysses P. Hedrick who was a distinguished horticulturist and writer.  He has written several books on fruit crops in New York which serve as comprehensive histories of fruit crop varieties and production in the early 1900s.  The recipients of these awards are promising and gifted students who specialize in pomology.

Shepard Award

The Shepard Award is presented to the author(s) for the best research paper published each year in the Journal of the APS.